We are unable to offer a refund for events unless it is sold out or cancelled.


Cancelled events

We will offer you a refund for the event.


Postponed events

If an event is postponed we’ll advise customers of the new date once confirmed, and to retain their original tickets. If the new date is inconvenient, customers will be offered a refund.

*Please note: once you’ve notified us of your decision to keep your tickets for the new date or to obtain a credit or take a refund, this cannot be reversed. Once the deadline has passed, tickets will be retained for the new date.



If you or someone in your party can no longer attend an event we can sometimes offer to try to resell your ticket(s).  We can only offer to do this if the event has sold out, and please note, there is no guarantee of resale.  We will need you to follow the steps below:

  • Contact us to confirm that we can take your tickets for resale
  • Return the tickets to us before the date of the event if possible

Please note: If we are able to resell your tickets, the money will ONLY be returned to you via the original payment method used to make the booking, after the resale has taken place. We will then contact you as soon as practicable to confirm the resale.


Tickets may be exchanged once for the same event – e.g. tickets for Red Herring Comedy Club may be exchanged to the following month’s event, or tickets for a pantomime date before Christmas may be changed to a date after Christmas. Tickets cannot be exchanged across different events. Booking fees are non refundable and any exchanges will be subject to an additional booking fee per ticket. Exchanges must be made at least 24 hours prior to the date that you can no longer make.

Terms and Conditions:

  • We can only resell tickets that have been booked directly via The Drill.
  • Returns will only be offered for sale once all other tickets have been sold for that event.
  • The resale of tickets is final and once sold cannot be retracted.
  • No agent or third-party bookings will be resold/refunded by The Drill.
  • You must be the cardholder.
  • ONLY Credit/Debit card  can be resold.  No cash, cheque, gift voucher or split payment bookings will be accepted.
  • You will only be contacted if the tickets are resold.
  • There is NO GUARANTEE that any tickets put up for resale will be sold.
  • In exceptional circumstances The Drill reserves the right to move patrons into unoccupied seats.

We hope this information helps but if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.