The Drill is housed in a late Victorian military building, not your average entertainments venue. Here’s an introduction to our performance spaces.


Our versatile main house holds an audience of up to 550 standing. Our retractable tiered seating system allows for 357 to be seated with a clear performance view from all seats.

Lincoln Drill Hall seating

Will it be the same price wherever I sit?

For some events, yes. However for most events our auditorium is split into three price bands, based on booking patterns. Our ticket prices will often rise as the theatre fills and by booking early and taking advantage of any offers, you can be sure to reserve your seats at the very best price. For wheelchair users, tickets will match the most affordable price band available at each stage of sale.


Can I book the back row?

For most events, seats nearer the back of the auditorium may be held off sale until the seats nearer the front have been sold. This is to make sure both the performers and the audience have the best time by creating the right atmosphere but if you have a specific access requirement please contact our Box Office to discuss your booking.

Our price bands